Best Lockers to Choose

Electronic safes are vital these days as regular reports of burglaries are filled in different urban communities. Its extremely basic that there is gold and crisis trade out your home and you continue stressing over losing them even at occasions.

Well here is a wayout!

Anyway for this situation there is a friend in need apparatus that can keep you strain free and you dont even need to race to banks and remain in lines for lockers. We have cut down the rundown of elite safes/lockers for you in this post which you can buy on the web. There are anyway sure factors to be considered before obtaining your Electronic Safes/Lockers at home:-

1.Budget Friendly: beyond any doubt you have to ensure your well deserved cash and other stuff however you unquestionably dont want to spend a fortune for that. The electronic safes are accessible on the web and are offered inside a scope of 4k to 15k contingent on the determinations advertised.

2.User Friendly: Electronic safes are certainly a blessing from innovation and is run utilizing different in fabricated innovation some can be worked utilizing secret key while few are top of the line safes and are worked by retina or PC availability. These ought to be easy to use with the goal that you dont befuddle and end in dissatisfaction,.

3.Compact: in this day and age of impartial families nobody wishes for a gigantic locker taking a considerable measure of room in the room as it isn’t a comment presented rather a comment shrouded some place in your room far from numerous eyes. It ought to be of little size to be kept inside your pantry or almirah.

4.Durable: It is the main factor wanted before obtaining any home machine as it isn’t possible to buy a safe over and over as they ordinarily cost a considerable measure and henceforth abstain from going for fundamental safes rather search for the one which has the most astounding positive audits.

1. Godrej Access Electronic Safe (SEEC9060)

Godrej Access Electronic Safe (SEEC9060) is the top rated electronic safe and the reason is that it accompanies all the essential highlights required in a sheltered like LED show screen , memory to recollect regardless of whether the battery is taken out, electrical discharges steel, and furthermore an innovation to secure you if there should be an occurrence of overlooked secret word. This is the most prescribed safe and is ideal for normal Indian families.

Fabricated and Design

Godrej Access Electronic Safe (SEEC9060) is a solid and reduced locker with an aggregate limit of 8 liters, and weighs around 5 kg of gentle steel with measurements of 200*300*200 individually. It is ensured by a 3 to 6 digit secret word and an ace watchword for better working of the sheltered/locker. There are 2 mechanized shooting jolts for the locking of the safe. There are numerous comfort highlights, for example, non unpredictable memory improved battery life and additionally inside cover.


Godrej Access Electronic Safe (SEEC9060) is the top of the line electronic safe/locker and furthermore spending agreeable so you don’t have to spend a fortune in anchoring the well deserved cash of yours. This locker is the most noteworthy offering safe/locker on the web and has enough ability to hold every one of your belonging.


1.Light Weighed

2.Mechanical Override accessible



1.No legitimate manual

2. The pivot rusts here and there.

3.The external sheet isn’t great assembled.

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